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Numa Lube is an environmentally safe alternative to rock drilling oil that has proven to be a major technological advancement in the quest for long lasting hammer protection. Unlike rock drill oils, Numa Lube is easy to use, non-toxic, environmentally safe and much more cost effective. Due to its superior, long lasting lubrication properties, only one 8 oz. (.24l) bottle is required in a 6" (152mm) hammer every 300 feet (91m) or six hours of drilling. Compare that to the three or four gallons (11-15 L) of rock drill oil that is required for the same depth. In addition, Numa Lube does not need to be continuously fed like rock drill oil. Simply pour the contents of one Numa Lube bottle down the drill string, continuously inject water while drilling and forget about lubrication for the next 300 feet (91m) or six hours. With Numa Lube, fewer applications equal greater savings for you, the driller.

Another lubrication product offered by Numa is Monitor Lube which provides the same outstanding results that Numa Lube does. The only difference with this lubricant is the elimination of a rust prohibitor found in Numa Lube that commonly dissipates during the drilling process but could leave trace amounts in the effluent. Although both lubricants are proven to be environmentally safe, some customers prefer to use Monitor Lube in extremely sensitive environmental conditions where stringent testing is to be completed while drilling.

Numa Lube and Monitor Lube come conveniently packaged in cases of twenty four, 8 oz. (.24l) bottles and require limited storage space.

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