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Mincon manufactures and offers a range of “Down–the-hole” Drill Bits to suit different hammer styles and drilling applications.

It is Mincon’s policy to provide top quality drilling equipment, bringing distinct benefits to the user.

Mincon Drill Bits are designed to give optimum performance and give cost saving advantages to the drilling operation.

The special steels and Tungsten Carbide Inserts used in the manufacture of the Drill Bits are to the highest specifications and the processes employed are carried out in-house within a strict quality control culture.


Mincon offers a choice of DTH Drill Bit designs to match the requirements of the drilling application.
Concave – Convex - Flat Face - Rockcrusher HD


Mincon can offer a combination of Insert shapes in each Bit to more precisely match the ground conditions to be drilled.
Dome – Ballistic – Parabolic – Conical – Double Dome

A choice of insert size is offered on some Bits to suit particular rocks.

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