"A RIG FOR EVERY APPLICATION" This has been our battle cry and our commitment. A commitment which has produced a host of models for different applications and our efforts to fulfill this commitment has made LMP to grow from a tiny smithy's shop to one of the largest manufacturer of drilling rigs within the span of 5 decades. Our models span the fields of mining, exploration, seismic survey, irrigation and drinking water.
Company Profile
At LMP Precision we have always believed in giving the best to our customers. For Instance, the experience we gain from our own contract drilling division goes into our manufacturing program. Research and Development is an ongoing and a continuous process, always searching into small details to improve drilling efficiency and produce machines for a particular application.
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A first indigenous water well drilling rig manufactured by our founder Late Shri LMP (L M. Panchal) and inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Late Shri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in 1956.

The then Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi visited and blessed LMP for outstanding achievements in 1972.

At LMP Precision, We have committed ourselves in the evolution of our product ranges since our inception to provide superior products to our clients and serving them better.

Quality Policy
We, at LMP Precision., believe in and live this policy, everyday, that we shall provide, the best products to our customers.
Towards this, we shall
Design products that meet our customers’ expectations in terms of product performance;
Not supply any product that does not meet our high standards of workmanship;
Provide adequate service support for equipments supplied, so as to maintain its on-field performance, and
PreKeep our workforce adequately capable and motivated.
Some of our clients Include:
Coal India Limited and its subsidiaries.
Steel authority of India.
National Mineral Development Corporation.
  Nayveli Lignite Corporation.
Singereni Collieries Limited.
  Rajasthan State Mines and Minerals.
  Mineral Exploration Corporation.
  JP Rewa Cements.
  UP State Cement Corporation Limited.
  Tamil Nadu Cement Corporation Limited. (TANCEM)  
  Hindustan Copper Limited .
  All the states of India for Water Well Drills.
  Exports to African, Middle eastern and South American Countries.
  and many more...