This has been our battle cry and our commitment.

A commitment which has produced a host of models for different applications and our efforts to fulfill this commitment has made LMP to grow from a tiny smithy's shop to the largest manufacturer of drilling rigs.
The models spans the field of mining, expiration and grilling water.

We have always believed inn giving the best to our customers. like for instance, the experience we gain from our contact drilling division goes into our manufacturing programme.

R&D is an ongoing and continuous programme, always looking into small to improve drilling efficiency and produce machine for a particular application under the quality control system of ISO 9001:2000.

The best can not be good if filed support is not adequate. LMP after sales service with its site service stations, area service centers, field part depots and a fleet of factory trained engineers, is the best that can found in the industry.

We are sure you will find a drill for your application from our product range
If not our application engineers can work out a proposal you site conditions for yet another LMP rig for your application.