The “PRECISION” Right Angle Gear Drive provides the most economical efficient, and positive power transmission from Horizontal mover to Vertical pump shaft. The gear drive eliminates long quarter turn belts, which are not only expensive to install, operate and maintain, but are considerably less efficient, are affected by climatic conditions and require large floor space.

The “PRECISION” Right Gear Drive is used in pumping like irrigation, Municipal supply and sewage disposal, fire and flood protection, cooling towers and marine services.

The “PRECISION” Right Angle Gear Drive manufactured in a variety of models to meet specific requirements of high and slow speed prime movers and pumps having wide range of size and type.
The Right Angle Gear Head comprises of a pair of Bevel gears, right angle to each other mounted with suitable bearings fitted in a C.I. Chamber and bearing housings, manufactured from closed grained C.I. confirming to Grade 20 ISI 210.

Spiral Bevel Gears are used to ensure smooth and silent operation. They are made out of special Alloy Steel. Lapped and case hardened Gears are adjustable to achieve best possible tooth contact, and transmission effiency 97% to 99%.

Double row angular contact thrust bearings and ball bearing are provided at the top and bottom of the vertical hollow shaft respectively, and they are capable to take complete hydraulic down thrust. The horizontal driving shaft is mounted on double row angular contact thrust bearing and ball bearing to take thrust load of gears and driving arrangement.

Vertical hollow shaft and horizontal driving shaft are designed to transmit the rated power and adopt top shaft of pump and driving arrangement of pulleys of universal joint shaft respectively

The Oil pump, provided in the oil bath lubricates ball bearings and gears.

Lubricating oil is cooled by pumping water flowing through the cooling coil.

‘PRECISION’ Right Angle Gear Heads are manufactured with speed ratios 1:1, 1:2, 2:1 and other ratios on request. They can be mounted easily on discharge heads of Turbine Pumps manufactured as per ISS 1710:1972.