LMP PRECISION also manufactures mud pumps and Turbine Pumps for mud circulation applications in Direct Circulation rotary / core drilling, mud handling/transmission from mining pits. Crude oil and mud slurry handling in oil fields. They can also be used for handling cement slurry water handling from deep / tube wells.

Rotaham Series
Rotaham Series

LMP Mud pumps are duplex double acting reciprocating type made from a single piece alloy casting capable of handling high discharge and high pressure applications

Ideally suitable for seismograph survey, water well, oil well, core drilling mud and cement service applications.

Continuous tooth herring bone gears fitted with eccentric for easy and economical replacement.

5 Models to choose from: S-125, S-150, S-200.

Stroke -5 " to 8 ".
Mounting on a truck, trailer or skid.
Prime mover diesel engine.


THE S-SERIES OF ‘PRECISION ‘ Duplex mud Pumps is the result of over two decades of incessant research and development by a young team of painstaking engineers, working with an ‘India-can-do-it’ mood. They are backed by their close association with advanced Pump Technology and actual on-the-field experience.

VERSATILE: ‘PRECISION’ Duplex Mud Pumps are suitable for a wide range of applications. They are ideal for seismograph survey, water-well and core drilling operations, Mud and Cement Services, in Shallow crude oil-well drilling. They are also used for water supply, boiler feed and general industrial services.

Power End: Single-piece alloy iron casting for rigidity.

Bearing: Main bearings are tapered roller adjustable type.

Gears: Continuous tooth herring bone gears, fitted with eccentric for easy and economical replacement.

Connection Rod: Nodular iron solid construction. Crank end has high-lead bronze bushing. Cross head end has bronze bushing.

Crossheads: Solid-type alloy iron, reinforced around extra large crosshead pin.
Crosshead Liners: Replaceable type.
Lubrication: All internal work parts are flood lubricated from large reservoir in crank case. Main and Jackshaft roller bearings are grease lubricated.
Fluid End: Valve pot type, of alloy iron, with separate bolted valve cover over each valve.
Fluid Liners: Removable, interchangeable within each size group, gives wide range pressures and capacities in any single pump.
Fluid Pistons: Taper fitted to piston rods. Different materials and types available.
Fluid Valves: Bottom stem-guided or wing-guided. Of various materials to suit conditions. Individually accessible for services.
Piston Rods: Made of steel. Taper fitted to pistons.
Surge Chamber: Protects pumps, hoses and related equipment from surge damage.