Dust Collector Principle

LMP Precision Make cyclone type dust collector system with dust collection box. Dry filters unit, blower fan driven by hydraulic motor or electrical motor.

The purpose of a dust collector unit is to make the working environment free of contamination and pollution. It greatly extends equipment life, protects the surrounding environment from contamination and guards against pulmonary and respiratory disease in operating personnel.
Operation of Dust Collector:
Dust is drawn into the dust chamber by the blower through dry filter elements which trap the dust particles and allow clean air to pass through the atmosphere. Dust is sequentially pulsed of the elements by compressed air and settles in the dust chamber from where it is released by gravity discharge.
Constructed with heavy gauge steel sheets electrically welded built for lasting operation. The dust collector is equipped with an effective impeller driven by electric / hydraulic motor capable of a discharge up to 1200 cfm.
High Filtration Efficiency:
Provides cleaner air, even in extremely high dust concentration.
Self Cleaning:
The dust collector consists three numbers of high efficient dry filter elements with proven performance in heavy-duty applications. The filter elements are cleaned automatically through compressed air by electrical / electronic sequential timer.

Dust collector consists of a back manifold pressure regulating of 40 to 50 PSI and connected to three numbers pneumatic solenoid valves. A electronic self timer is provided with a setting of on time and off time. (The values are variable based on the flushing requirement of the application) During this cycle the solenoid valve will be operated accordingly and the air will be flushed to clean the filters.

The hydraulic / electrical motor provided to drive the impeller which suck the dust while operation. In this operation the heavy particles will be dumped through a flexible dump flap on the ground and the clean air will be discharge to atmosphere.

Ideally Suitable for blast hole drilling operations and other industrial uses like chemicals ,food products, metal working, pharmaceuticals industries where dust collection is essential for controlling pollution.
Typical Industrial Usage:
Flour Foodstuffs Cement Cereals
Detergents Fertilizers Metal compounds Minerals
Plastics Sugar Industries Tobacco Iron and steel
Chemicals Pharmaceuticals Coal Foundry sand