LMP PRECISION Manufactures BLAST HOLE DRILLS for applications ranging from Open Cast Mining applications, exploration and Shot Hole Drilling. Mining Applications include coal, cement, stone quarry, Iron ore, Lime stone and other mines.

A wide range of options are available for Blast Hole Drills. Ranging from 4" to 10" Size Holes based on the customers depth requirement.

Five basic models to choose from:
4'' (100mm) Tow hole drill series
4'' (100mm) Rotary / DTH (Down-The-Hole) series
6'' (160mm) Rotary / DTH (Down-The-Hole) Series
8'' (160mm) Rotary / DTH (Down-The-Hole) Series
SK 60E
10''(250mm) Rotary
All of our machines feature
Designed, built and serviced for minimized downtime:

Operational availability of drilling equipment is essential in keeping a job running smoothly an on schedule. Machines that stay in the field and out of the shop are the ones that hold costs down. All LMP Machines are designed to minimize service time and maximize drilling time.


Ease of operation:

LMP machines feature the efficiency and dependability of easy access hydraulic and power train components. It makes them easier to operate than many competitive drills. All controls are positioned for quick identification and operator access. Drilling functions can be observed from the operators station.


Easier to maintain

LMP uses modular components to make servicing as easy as possible. Deck arrangements places major components on the perimeter for convenient access or quick replacement.


Dust Control

The LMP DC300 is the most effective dust control system available. Dust laden air is passed through the filters and is released into the atmosphere with no visible emissions. Reduction in dust around the unit extends the lives of engines, compressor and mechanical systems. It also reduces contamination of fuel, electrical and hydraulic systems and makes for a cleaner environment for operating personnel.

Blast Hole Capacity:
Blast Hole Capacity
Power-diesel or electric.
DTH drills for low pressure or high pressure applications.

All LMP drills are designed for ease of operation and maintenance.

The drills incorporate modular component lay out.

The drills are all hydraulic and the single power unit drives both the hydraulic power pack and the compressor.

Angle hole Drilling

Various Capacities of carousel for loading and unloading in string lines

An optional Computer based control system (Coming soon)

SK 60 Electric Blast hole Drill
SK 60 Electric Blast hole Drill
This is our flag ship. The biggest and the most powerful drill available in the Indian market. The SK-60 is a crawler mounted unit that can handle 80% of large hole drilling requirements at about half of the cost of the larger machines. Designed specifically for Coal Mining, the SK-60 is highly maneuverable, propelling from hole to hole rapidly. The mast can be quickly load and raised with drill pipe in place ... especially valuable for long moves.
Capacity up to 11" diameter holes in the toughest formation.
Compressor -1200 cfm screw.
Pull down 70000 lbs.
Top Drive head -0 to 135 rpm. 150 HP motor.
Traction -2 hydraulic motors of 150 HP each with a total of 300 HP.
Single pass capacity of 35 Feet. Total drilling depth of 140 feet.
RBH - 6 - 100

RBH - 6 - 100

One of our most popular drills within the Indian market... for drilling small diameter blast holes in tough formation, nothing beats the RBH-6-100. It is a self-propelled crawler mounted machine which means rapid deployment from location to location. The RBH-6-100 is designed for speed. Its rotary drive system is capable of operating at upto 135 RPM.

Capacity - 6" to 8" diameter holes as Rotary or DTH.

Pull down 36000 lbs

Totally drilling depth of 150 feet.

Rotary Head- 0 to 100 rpm 40000 in pounds with constant torque.
Available in both Diesel and Electric.
RBH -4 - 100

RBH -4 - 100

Suitable for small quarries/mines and bench development.

All hydraulic Rotary /DTH drill.

Self contained and self propelled drill compressor mounted on deck.

Power unit diesel engine or electric motor.

4" - 4 1/2" diameter holes either as Rotary or DTH.
Auto indexing barrel loader.
15 feet single pass drilling.
Choice of compressor for low pressure or high pressure DTH drilling.
Individual crawler track control gives full maneuverability.
Inter Changeable hydraulic motor.
16560 lbs. pull down
RBH -4 - 100DT

RBH -4 - 100DT

A small economical Tow hole drill suitable for mining operations , geological survey and construction areas...

Suitable for small quarries/mines and bench development.

All hydraulic machine.

4"- 6" diameter holes as DTH.

Prime mover -water cooled diesel engine mounted on deck.
Heavy duty  structural steel mast raised or lowered by hydraulic cylinder. Boom can also be independently operated.
15 feet single pass drilling.
Heavy duty crawler driven by independent hydraulic motors. The drill can tow a portable compressor.
Interchangeable hydraulic motors.
Multi hole drilling from a single setup. 
Pneumatic 4 Inch Version Now Available!!! and Also In a six inch Version DTH-6-100 PCT