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Manufactures and Exporters of Water well Rigs, Drilling Rigs, DTH Drilling Rigs, Rotary
Drilling Rigs, DTH Hammers, Button Bits, Hand Pumps and Drill Rods


Mining Drilling Rigs



The Best Performer
  • Rigid
  • Energy Efficient
  • Easy Manoeuverability
  • Operator Friendly
  • High Productivity
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Durability
  • Prompt Service Support
Technical Specifications Down the hole air Hammer Capacity:102 to 114 mm. Dia Depth 46 (mtrs)

Mast Length
3 Meter Drill
Size of drill Rod
76 mm. dia
Rotation Unit Traverse
3000 mm
Height Mast raised
4.7 mtrs.
Height. Mast lowered
1.6 mtrs.
Length. Mast lowered
5.63 mtrs.
Length. Mast raised
4.44 mtrs.
Mast lateral swivel
2.0 mtrs.
2.07 mtrs.
Min. / Max. Height for Horizontal drilling from Ground level
1.1 mts./2.0 mtrs.
Compressed Air Requirement
10.5 cm³
Weight of Wagon Drill Rig (Approx)
2.45 Tons
Min. Turning radius
5 mts

Special Features – Wagon Drill
  • Stable drilling capabilities
  • Structural designed for extra rigidity
  • Base frame in Box-construction Anchoring arrangement ensures
  • perfect stability during drilling
  • Rear wheel swivel able by 90º to prevent movement during toe hole drilling
  • Effectively braked wheels with Hydraulic stabilizer in the front, > holding the unit firmly
  • Locking arrangement between mast and boon provides extra rigidity
  • Easy maneuverability-both in manual and self propulsion modes
  • Centralized sensitive controls with Auto feed arrangement ensure easy operation and reduction of operators fatigue.
Special Features – Motor Units
  • Rotation and winch units provide additional power for faster drilling and rapid withdrawals, longer tool life etc., resulting into better productivity
  • Heavy duty steel castings & forgings
  • Precision machined components
  • Durable alloy bearings supported by sturdy retaining rings
  • Heavy duty rotation gear Box with involutes profile Gear tooth, duly corrected to prevent failure
  • Rigid out-put shaft with extra bearing support and thicker thread profile
  • Specially designed Fluid seal to prevent Air leakage
Hydraulic System B.H.P At 1350 RPM Gear Ratio Rotation Speed RPM Max. Torque Pull Down Force Pull up Force Max. Pull Up Speed Travelling Speed
Rotation Head 8.0 - 8.5   0 - 70 97 Kg- mtrs -- -- -- --
Feed System (with winch) Feed System (with Ø 80 BoreCyl) 8.0 - 8.5
19 - 20
  --   1500 Kgf 3200 Kgf 1500 Kgf 1600 Kgf 15 M /Min
27 M /Min
Self Propulsion Unit 8.0 - 8.5 1:98.3 -- -- -- -- -- 2 Km/Hr.

GETECH Products can be supplied in custom – built models in various configurations, Mounting features to suit all special requirements and Technical specifications can be offered accordingly.

(In view of continuous R&D and Product Improvement programmer all specifications, features etc., are subject to amendments without prior notice)



Technical Specifications ofF Getech-CUBES JV 150 mm BLAST HOLE DRILL – ITD 46

Description Units
  US Metric
Max. Hole Size 6 inch 152.4 mm
Max. Hole Depth 300 ft. 91.4 mtrs.
Mast Dump Angel (Total 100 Degrees 100 Degrees
Mast Swing (on both sides) 0 to 40 Degrees 0 to 40 Degrees
Boom Swing (on both Sides) 0 to 40 Degrees 0 to 40 Degrees
Max. Hole Spacing 16.47 ft. 5.02 mtrs.
(Without Boom Extn.)
Speed 0-60 rpm 0-60 rpm
Max. Torque 18000 inch-lbs 207 Kgf-m
Rotary Head Travel 13.12 ft 4 mtrs
Type of Drive Hydro - Motor Hydro - Motor
Pull up Speed 120 fpm 36.6 mpm
Pull Down Speed 235.3 fpm 71.74 mpm
Pull up Force 11050 lbf 5014.45 Kgf
Pull Down Force 5636.45 lbf 2557.4 Kgf
Type of System Powered by Hydraulic cylinder & Rope drive
Max Speed of Equipment 1.38 mph 2.2 Kmph
Gradability +/- 30 Degree from Horizontal
GVW of the Equipment 17632 lb 8000 Kg
Grouser Type Triple Triple
Track Width 77 inch 1955.8 mm
Wheel Base 79.13 inch 2010 mm
Grouser Width 10 inch 254 mm
Ground Pressure 11.14 psi 0.78 Kgf/Sq.Cm
Tractive Effort 16201.54 lbf 7351 Kgf
Track Oscillation 20 Deg. (10 Deg. On both sides)
Type of Drive Independent Hydraulic Motor for Each Track
Drive System Through Planetary Gear Box with In-built Braking
Torque of 50 Kgm (Static) & 25 Kgm (Dynamic)
No. of Tollers 6 on Each Track
Open Loop System Pumps with Pressure Compensated Proportional Values
Pump – 1 flow 20 gpm 77lpm @ 1800 rpm
Pump – 2 flow 10 gpm 38lpm @ 1800 rpm
Max. Pressure 2610.7 psi 180 bar
Filtration – Return Line 10 microns 10 microns
Filtration – Suction Line 140 Microns 140 microns
Tank Capacity 52.8 Gallons 200 liters
Cooler Air to Oil

GETECH can supply Products in custom – built models in various configurations, Mounting features to suit all special requirements and Technical specifications can be offered accordingly.

(In view of continuous R&D and Product Improvement programme all specifications, features etc., are subject to amendments without prior notice.

ITD - 10

ITD - 10 India

Name: ITD 10
Mounting Type: Crawler mounted
Type of Drilling: Blast Hole Purpose
Applications: Mines, Quarries

DTH Drilling Capacity:
Max Dia: 6”
Max Depth: 150 feet


  • Easy movability with Crawler in uneven Terrains
  • Mast Tilting oscillation and swing operation
  • Provision for angle Drilling

Rig Specifications

Mast: 4400 mm Pull Up Force: 2200 Kg-f Deck engine: 36HP @ 1500 rpm Suitable Compressor: 540 Cfm @ 185 psi. - IR make

Dimensions: Length: 6800 mm Width: 2200 mm Height: 2000 mm Weight: 4.5 Tons Appx.


Angle Drilling: Up to 30º Max. Drilling rateL 60 to 75 feet per hour Fuel Consumption: 4 to 6 liters per hour Max Speed: 2 kmph Max. Torque: 120 kgm Max. Rpm: 0 - 8- rpm

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