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Our new innovation of Friction welded Induction Hardened Drill rods on jan 16 2009 as a first company in India.
Our new innovation of Friction welded Cold Hardened Drill rods on jan 16 2009 as a first company in India.
Imported new machineries from Taiwan.
Range of Products
Drilling Rigs
Button Bits
Backhoe Loaders Versatile 400
Self Propelled Skid Mounted Rig
Pick-N-Carry Crane 5T
Digging/Pole Erection Machine
KLR Cluster Hammer
Hand Pumps
Mineral Water Units
KLR Generators
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Drilling Rigs

Water Well Drilling Rigs

drillingrigs india klr-dthr-450
  DTH Application
bullet1 KLR 500
bullet1 KLR 1000
bullet1 KLR 1500
bullet KLR 2000
  DTH / Rotary Application
bullet KLR DTHR 100
bullet KLR DTHR 200
bullet KLR DTHR 300
bullet KLR DTHR 600
bullet KLR TBW 40

Core Drilling Rigs

drillingrigs india Core Drilling Rigs
bullet KLR CDR 25
bullet KLR CDR 50
bullet KLR CDR 100
bullet KLR CDR 150
bullet KLR CDR 400
bullet KLR CDR 700
bullet KLR CDR 1500
bullet KLR TC 40

Blast Hole Drilling Rigs

drillingrigs india Blast Hole Drilling Rigs
bullet ITD 10
bullet ITD 46
bullet KMC 10

Piling / Construction Drill Rigs

drillingrigs india Construction Drill Rigs
bullet KLR 1000 SP
bullet KPR 5 - 42 T

Portable Drill rigs

drillingrigs india Portable Drill rigs
bullet Inwell Drill Rig
bullet Wagon Drill Rig

Other Models

drillingrigs india Self propelled drilling rigs
bullet Pole erection drill rigs
bullet Skid mounted drill rigs
bullet Trailer mounted drill rigs
bullet Self propelled drilling rigs
bullet Foundation drill rigs
bullet Mining rigs
bullet Crawler mounted drill rigs
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