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Our new innovation of Friction welded Induction Hardened Drill rods on jan 16 2009 as a first company in India.
Our new innovation of Friction welded Cold Hardened Drill rods on jan 16 2009 as a first company in India.
Imported new machineries from Taiwan.
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Self Propelled Skid Mounted Rig

India Self Propelled Skid Mounted Rig  

CDR 150 (CORE)
CDR-150 (DTH)
Drilling Capacity
Regular Drill hole Diameter 76 mm(Core:Ø 54 mm) 114.3 mm(Ø 4.5”)
Maximum Drilling Depth (Regular) 450 Feet. 500 Feet.
Over Burden Drill hole Diameter --- 165.0 mm(Ø 6.5”)
Over Burden Max. Drilling Depth --- 120 Feet.
(Under favorable drilling conditions)
Overall Length 6150 (+/- 50 mm) 6150(+/- 50 mm)
R. H. Travel 4200.0 mm 4200.0 mm
Rod Handling Capacity 3.0 Mt. (10 Feet) 3.0 Mt.(10 Feet)
Bottom Guide Ø 240.0 mm (Ø9.5) Ø 240.0 mm (Ø9.5”)
Hydraulic System
Primer Mover Deck Engine Deck Engine
Pull Back/Up Force 4,500 Kg.f. 4,500 Kg.f.
Pull Down Force 2,300 Kg.f. 2,300 Kg.f.
Pull Down Speed 30 m/min. 30 m/min.
Pull Back/Up Speed 24 m/min. 24 m/min.
Speed 0_625rpm 0-100 rpm
Torque 59.0kg.f-m 230 Kg. f-m
Air Compressor
Minimum Suggested
(for DTH Drilling)
-N.A-) 600 CFM @ 200 PSI
Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Capacity 40 GPM US 40 GPM US
Type Fin type: Oil to Air Fin type: Oil to Air
Hydraulic Motor Hydraulic Motor
Auxiliary Wireline Winch
(Optional 800Kg.f @ 40 Mt./min 800Kg.f @ 40 Mt./min
Water Injection Pump
Capacity Suggested Min. 36 LPM @ 30Kg.f/cm2 36 LPM @ 30Kg.f/cm2
Drive & Mounting
Hydraulic Hydraulic

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