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Our new innovation of Friction welded Induction Hardened Drill rods on jan 16 2009 as a first company in India.
Our new innovation of Friction welded Cold Hardened Drill rods on jan 16 2009 as a first company in India.
Imported new machineries from Taiwan.
Range of Products
Drilling Rigs
Button Bits
Backhoe Loaders Versatile 400
Self Propelled Skid Mounted Rig
Pick-N-Carry Crane 5T
Digging/Pole Erection Machine
KLR Cluster Hammer
Hand Pumps
Mineral Water Units
KLR Generators
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K. Laxma Reddy

At KLR, we relentlessly pursue of comprehensive vision, a mission to serve the society-dedicated to elevate the quality of life. It is the affirmed corporate philosophy and attitude, at KLR, to cultivate close working relationships, to understand goals and ambitions and ensure the most effective solutions to the most exacting demands.

This, no doubt requires advanced technologies, project management skills, financial expertise and advanced service capabilities and experience. Our approach, we are proud to say, is based on an experience broader than most manufacturers in this field.

Since inception in 1984, the turnover and profitability graph of the company has registered a steady upward rise. Guiding the Company’s destiny, with the utmost dedication to quality, we have maintained high standards of excellence over the past 2 decades, keeping briskly abreast with the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Today, KLR is a major manufacturer, exporting to ought international markets, relying solely on the technological strengths and expertise of its personnel. Setting the pace for growth in this industry in India, we are optimistic of our export prospects, with new units on stream, to develop customer specific products in an ever expanding range.

The Company has pioneered appreciable, research work for ensuring higher product performance, all along maintaining a growth strategy that concentrates on core competence. Inevitably, our commitment shows in our infallible quality and it is with the confidence of our inherent strength that KLR builds towards global growth.

  K. Laxma Reddy
Chairman & M.D.
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