A lifetime supply of free water, less than 200 feet away!
It's a fact. Most of the fresh ground water in the world occurs in the top 200 feet. Also, the average depth of all water tables in the U.S. is less than 100 feet! This abundant supply of pure, crystal clear water is yours, free for the taking! All you need to do is to drill a well to have all the water you'll ever need, practically free!

Quality water:

Many city residents are drilling home water wells as an excellent alternative to chemical tasting municipal water. Industrial pollution and excessive use of chemicals required to purify the water to acceptable levels has almost made good tasting water a "thing of the past!"

Economical Water:

City water rates are soaring. But if you drill your own well, you can pump all the water you need for only a few cents a day.
Dependable Water: You'll never again have to worry about your water supply going dry in the summer . . . or a city water system that has to ration water in times of drought - when you need it the most.

Abundant water:

With your own well you're assured of plenty of water for household use, plus plenty left over for watering your lawn and garden. You may even want to add a fish pond or swimming pool to your property.

Now with Hydra-Drill you can drill your own well and save hundreds of dollars!

Not so long ago commercial drillers charged only a few dollars per foot and home wells were very popular. However, as the price of commercial drilling increased, the cost advantages of a home water well declined dramatically. Today, in most areas of the country, it is not unusual for a home water well to cost a homeowner $8000 or higher! Now, thanks to the Hydra-Drill, there's an economical way to drill a home water well without the expense of a commercial driller. One person using the Hydra-Drill can drill through almost anything a crew operated, truck mounted rig can drill. We estimate that hundreds of thousands of wells have been drilled with Hydra-Drills! Interestingly, many of our customers are women, and an impressive number of our enthusiastic Hydra-Drill well drillers are over 70 years of age! Most of our customers had no previous experience drilling for water before buying the Hydra-Drill.

A Hydra-Drill pays for itself!

Even with today's soaring electric rates you can pump approximately 1,000 gallons of water from your own well, for as little as 10 cents! It doesn't take long to pay for a Hydra-Drill with the money you can save on your water bill.

By buying direct from us, you get all the personal attention, service and advice you want absolutely free. Buying direct saves you 30% or more over what you'd pay if we sold the Hydra-Drill through stores or dealers. When you order a Hydra-Drill, you can be sure that you're dealing with people that believe in doing business with everyone like they were hometown folks.

Since 1962, we've been helping people from all 50 states and around the world get water they needed at the lowest possible cost. At DeepRock, we're always ready to help you and answer any questions.

You're invited to write, E-mail, or call us Toll Free . . . anytime!
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